What about an Arabic keyboard?

With an estimated 300 million speakers worldwide, Arabic is the official language of some 26 diverse nations, from Turkey to Niger. The Arabic keyboard has evolved alongside the English version, with letters spread out according to frequency of usage. The good news is that the English keyboard can be converted for Arabic characters.

Using an Arabic keyboard

Software platforms such as Windows can also accommodate Arabic variations. A wide variety of languages can be used, even if the default setting for a computer system is English. By going into the regional settings, you can select various options from the drop-down menu. Where English is the default input language, you can amend it to Arabic. This will effectively convert your keyboard to Arabic.

There are also online tools which will provide the functionality of an Arabic keyboard. Again, these will convert traditional English-based keyboard and are primarily aimed at Arab travellers or westerners who do not have access to an actual Arabic keyboard.

A typical website offering this type of activity might ask for sign-in details or for a free account to be set-up. There is no obligation on the user at this point; it is merely for convenience. Once the user logs in, they will be able to move the cursor over the keyboard layout which appears, then click the necessary demand letter.

Alternatively, you can use your actual computer keyboard. Just click the button letter transliteration, employing a status indicator mouse command inside the text area, then type in any letter. The software will instantly convert this to its Arabic equivalent.

Other points about Arabic keyboards

There can sometimes be bugs in the programs which deal with language conversion. This is especially the case in languages like Arabic which, unlike English, are written from right to left. There are a series of straightforward steps which you have to take to configure Windows. Once you have followed these, your Arabic keyboard will be just as flexible and user-friendly as the original.

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