Aptera to feature in trek movie?

Rumour has it the Aptera all-electric concept car is going to feature in the new Trek movie.


Okay, the Aptera is ridiculously space-age, all sleek white curves, and with its three-wheel system and two ‘pods’ it looks eerily similar to the Enterprise. Perhaps it seemed a good idea to stick it in there with young James T. Kirk and his friends.

But come on… it’s basically an electric car, like hundreds we see every day. You plug it into the wall, it charges up and rolls around on wheels. It’s not Trek!

The movie is set in 2250, or thereabouts. The Aptera is a creation of 2008. We have to assume they’re writing Kirk as a classic car fanatic, otherwise he will have absolutely no business driving this thing.

Cars have been around for a century or so, and they’re clogging up our roads and polluting our air. They’re stupidly inefficient. And we’re really supposed to assume they’ll stick around for another 250 years?

A little more imagination in sci-fi, please.

We don’t want cars. We want jet packs, transporters and hoverboards. We want H2G2 style floating bubbles. We want rollerblades that can warp space and time. We want the future.

(Image: from as_you_said’s flickr stream)

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