Apps that you must delete from your smartphone right now

Some apps create way more problems than they solve. Those ones really need to be removed from your smartphone. Some apps are intrusive while others take up way too much battery power. You’ll be surprised by some of the apps we suggest you get rid of.


Yeah, everyone loves Facebook but it’s an app that’s way too intrusive. It drains your battery too so get rid of it. We’re not suggesting that you ditch your Facebook account, just the app on your iPhone or Android device. Setting up a link to the Facebook home page on your phone’s web browser takes up less memory and it’s nearly as quick to access as an app.

Weather apps

These apps constantly update so they take up loads of battery power. They’re great for giving you the most up to date info on weather conditions but you’ll have a longer battery life if you restrict how often your weather app updates or if you remove the weather widget from your homescreen. Better still, ditch the app all together and just check bbc.co.uk/weather whenever you need to know what the conditions will be like.

Antivirus apps

Okay this one sounds like a stupid idea but antivirus applications take up loads of memory so get rid of the one on your Android device. If you’re careful what you download, you won’t need antivirus protection.

Other apps

Simply check the list of apps and delete any that you don’t use. Why have programs on your device that you don’t need. If you’re unsure whether to remove an app, leave it but really consider those that take up loads of memory and the apps that are data hungry as removing these ones will make your phone run a little faster.

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