Core blimey, TV is a bit old school, dontcha think? Well not according to techno-kings Apple, who are looking to build a digital TV based on iOS. Keep your eyes peeled for Apple's next great venture at the end of 2012 or early 2013.

The flames of this juicy little rumour were fanned by a February Apple job listing, which called for advertising for someone to work on 'new power management designs and technologies' for use on various Apple products, including a 'TV.' We think you can't get much more blatant than that.

But is any move into the TV market too little too late for Apple? Late last year, arch rivals Google launched a combination of set-top boxes and TV sets that included its Google TV software. Talk about a goggle box. Apple's TV service on the other hand looks set to include a subscription service for TV and video content, which presumably will go further than the $99 Apple TV set-top box already available in the US, which offers access to several third-party apps, such as NBA, MLB, and Netflix.

If a subscription service for video is Apple's game, then they've already been pipped by Amazon However, who offer their own streaming services. Though potentially Apple could provide a much larger selection of content. Or maybe the idea is just to make TVs that look nice? There's certainly a market for it.

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