Apple’s music streaming service incoming?

If you haven’t used music streaming service Spotify yet then you are missing out big time. Free to use, users can stream any song from its database of trillions of songs with only a minor ad interruption approximately every 20 minutes and, if you pay the £10 monthly sub you’re advert free and can even use it on the go with your smartphone – awesome.

Spotify is by a distance the market leader as well as the music industry's best bet in cutting down on illegal file-sharing - that is until now. According to electricpig Apple are going to unveil their own version of Spotify at the upcoming San Francisco Apple World Wide Developers Conference on June 7.

As is always the case with new Apple products, no hard facts will be known until we see CEO Steve Jobs drool over them during a global demo. But it’s rumoured that users will be able to stream full songs in iTunes for free. All of which looks like great news for us, great news for the ever growing monopoly of Apple and terrible news for Spotify.

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