Apple's biggest successes and failures

You don’t necessarily think of Apple as the sort of firm who have ever weathered difficulties. They’re the guys who always make quality products that sell instantly. After all Apple’s iPod, iPad and iPhone are all market leaders in their field, but that doesn’t mean the American firm has always produced market leading devices. We take a look at Apple's biggest successes and failures.
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Let’s start with the bad stuff and end by celebrating all things great about Apple. Apple’s MobileMe launched in June 2008 to the normal fanfare you’d expect from the firm but it quickly went from cheers to tears because the public couldn’t get on with the faulty service. Users were supposed to get Blackberry-style syncing of contacts, calendars, and email for their iPhone. Instead they got headaches and frustration because of Email outages and other faults that the firm has long covered up. According to insiders, Steve Jobs gave the MobileMe team a verbal dressing down saying that they’d tarnished the firm’s reputation.

Apple Pippin

You’d forgotten about this shortlived gaming console hadn’t you? So had we and that’s for good reason. The PlayStation, Nintendo and Sega consoles of the era were way better than this overly expensive machine so it flopped, sinking without trace. Apple expected to shift 300,000 units in the first year. They sold something between 12,000 and 42,000 throughout the machine’s life.

Apple iPod

Let’s give up on the Apple bashing and have a look at a couple of devices that reshaped the firm and the marketplace beginning with the iPod. When the original iPod arrived it was only compatible with Macs so its sales were slow. In 2004 though someone had the bright idea of making it compatible with PCs and the device started to fly out of the shops. The sales line that you could have 1000 songs in your pocket did the rest.

Apple iPhone

We could have chosen the iPad but the iPhone is the device that really helps push the Apple name. This is the device that people queue up for on release day, and it’s the phone that brought smartphones away from the corporate-inspired Blackberry style and gave them a more mass-market appeal. The first iPhone was released in 2007. Every year since there’s been a new model or a significantly enhanced version that keeps the iPhone at the top of the tree.

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