Apple winding iPhone owners up

Apple may be coining it in with their user-friendly, simple devices, but they sure do know how to wind up power-user geeky types. Like the small - but dedicated - proportion of users who like to repair their own devices rather than taking them in to be looked at professionals.

You see, Apple's been screwing with people's iPhones. To be precise, it's been screwing them together - not with regular flat-head or 'phillips' screws, but a proprietary 'pentalobe' design. An iPhone 4 buyer armed only with tools from their local hardware store would find it a struggle to get into their device to poke around.

To Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, this is out-of-bounds behaviour. iFixit is a website devoted to encouraging and teaching consumers to repair their own technology. By using these screws, he said in an email he sent to members, Apple is trying to 'keep you out of your own hardware.'

Apple haven't responded as yet, but some users have defended the move, saying that most customers who try to repair their own tech do more harm than good. Our take? Like it or not, it's completely in line with Apple's ethos: they keep the customer experience good by limiting it. You can't install any app you want on the iPhone, why would you expect to be able to fiddle inside it? That approach isn't right for everyone, and really the only surprise is that the kind of geeks who like to fiddle are buying Apple products in the first place...

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