Apple TV take 2

We bet you've never heard of Apple TV, have you? Actually launched several years ago, it's a product Steve Jobs cheerfully calls a 'hobby.' It's an Apple-powered set-top box designed for the living room, to store movies and let you download them from iTunes. It was nice, but a bit too expensive at £249, and it didn't sell well.

So Apple have given it a major 2010 overhaul. Unlike the usual trick of increasing the spec, though, they've actually simplified Apple TV, taking out the hard drive and making it a streaming-only device. It can stream movies and TV from the internet, and music from your PC or iPad. Soon enough, we're pretty sure it'll be able to stream your music direct from the internet, as iTunes is rumoured to be setting up an option to let you stream your music.

So it's less powerful; why on earth would you buy one? Well, it does some cool stuff the old one didn't do, like let you look at Flickr photos, and it's really, really small. But more importantly, it's now just £99.

Yeah, £99. We know, crazy, isn't it? We reckon Apple plan to make their money back on film rentals...

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