Apple TV could be getting closer

Apple’s insidious plan to put a lower case i in the name of every electronics device on the planet is moving into TVs. Reports from the Wall Street Journal confirmed what many have been expecting – that Apple are developing their own range of high-resolution TV sets.

It’s an obvious avenue of development for Apple given that an increasing amount of online content is now accessed through smart televisions. Apple’s iPhone and iPad have secured the company dominance of the rapidly increasing mobile computing market; now they want to increase their presence in the family living-rooms.

Market analysts remain a little surprised that Apple haven’t dipped a toe in the TV market earlier, although the company’s legion of fans suggest that Apple won’t unveil their TV until it has the company’s requisite wow factor.

The news that Apple has been working closely with electronics companies Hon Hai and Sharp on TV designs suggests that the project is well-advanced, at least in terms of the hardware. The possible stumbling block may be content. The business model that served Apple so well with the iPad was to create the desirable devices then ensure that users accessed the music through Apple’s own portal, iTunes.

That is not quite so manageable with TV. Apple remains a distant outsider in the competition for TV and movie rights. With Google, Microsoft and Amazon also taking an interest in TV, Apple faces stiff competition to secure deals with cable companies and movie studios who are negotiating from a position of strength.

The likelihood is that Apple will hold off unveiling the iTelly (they can have the name for a small consultancy fee) until they have content deals tied up. Industry analyst Craig Moffett told Bloomberg that it won’t be easy. "It’s not a nice, simple, easy story that Apple is going to come in and turn the world upside-down and we’re all going to live happily ever after," he said.

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