Apple to buy Spotify?

Rumours have bubbled to the surface of the tech world that Spotify could be bought by gadget behemoth Apple, in what would probably be a deal valued towards the billions.

If that seems a high figure to be speculating about then it should be remembered that decent sources like TechCrunch had a previous buy-out offer from Google valued at $1billion, and the deal didn’t fall through because of the price; the two parties couldn’t agree on how deals with record labels were to be brought in.

‘Apple and Spotify are in on-again, off-again discussions about an acquisition, but at best it’s very early in the process,’ wrote TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington. ‘No firm price has been offered, no term sheet tabled. Still, it’s interesting that the two are talking.’ We’re not sure what would be the ramifications for the service and your enjoyment of it would be if they got their hands on Spotify, apart from a better iPhone app. Hopefully they don’t decide to cripple non-Apple product owners’ use of the service.

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