Apple to buy Hulu?

Apple has it all - the world's most successful phone, the world's most profitable computer business, possibly the world's only profitable tablet business, and the world's biggest MP3 store. But there's one area it's a bit behind: video. Although Apple offers videos on demand through iTunes, it's never totally taken off. Maybe, Google-style, it needs to buy an existing service to compete?

Like, say, Hulu? The TV-streaming site isn't well known in Europe, but in the US it's the main way people watch TV online, with most of the big TV companies investing in the service (much as the big record companies have with Spotify).

But Hulu's been up for sale for a while, and really needs a tech company buyer who could push it into the living room and onto tablets. And who better to do that than Apple? So we're more than a little intrigued at the news that, according to some anonymous tipsters, Apple are in talks with Hulu's owners about buying the site.

Not that they'll get it without a fight. Google are apparently also interested, which is interesting considering they're already experimenting with movie and TV rentals on YouTube. But Microsoft have reportedly dropped out. Their credit card is probably maxed out, though - they paid $5bn for Skype just a few weeks ago...

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