Apple takes bite out of Google

It’s always nice to see the little guy do well, isn’t it? The plucky underdog who punches above his weight, taking on all comers in a death or glory race to the top of the podium. Hell, the FA Cup was more or less built on the myth of the giant killing, despite the fact the top sides usually won the trophy in the end.

So isn’t it nice to see wholesome old Apple becoming the most valuable brand in the world? The little-guy-made-good has overcome Google, being valued at $153billion. The company has increased its brand value by $137million, or 859 per cent since 2006, and it’s almost entirely down to the success of the iPhone and the iPad, taking on the likes of IBM, China Mobile and the aforementioned Google to take top spot.

The ranking were calculated based on a valuation of assets, measures of customer perception, and estimates of contribution to earnings and growth potential, which strikes us as being remarkably vague. But what do we know eh? We’re just humble tech writers, not hot shots from the Financial Times.

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