Apple take a bite with new Shuffle Scam

Super cool tech pornographers Apple have once again managed to pull off the magic trick of appearing like, way hip and edgy while secretly making sure that their proto-fascist products are as inflexible as humanly possible.

Their latest little scam according to Elephant Pig is two install a DRM chip in the controls of the latest iPod Shuffle, which are on the headphones supplied with the MP3 player. This means that audiophiles will not be able to replace their earphones without paying a premium for Apple-approved products, and that said developers will have to pay Apple a license fee to get hold of the chip and coding details, pushing up the price of the product.

Honestly, we don't know how they continually get away with such behaviour. If they weren't so shiny and gorgeous I'd throw my iPod and iMac out of the window in disgust.

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