Apple Store 2.0

OK, this isn't the shopping channel. But Apple's Stores have become a big part of their success in the last few years, and we reckon all nerdy types should know about their latest big move.

We told you last week that Apple were calling some sort of secret training session for Sunday morning, raising the possibility of a secret new product launch. Well, it turned out that Apple were releasing a new version of one of their most popular products - the Apple Store itself. (See what we did there?)

'Apple Store 2.0', as no-one is really calling it besides tech bloggers, puts the iPad to the fore. Not just as a product to be shown off, but as a tool to show off other products. Confused? Essentially, where the old Apple store had a piece of paper in front of each product on display showing you the basic details, now there's an iPad showing a specially-made custom app showcasing the product in question. And, yes, there are iPads attached to iPads.

It's hard to explain, so you should probably get down to the nearest Apple store and see for yourself, but suffice to say, it will help Apple make even more money.

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