Apple still dominate tablet PC market

Two years on from its launch, it’s apparent that the iPad was a game-changer. Subjected to plenty of scoffing and scepticism within the industry at the time, sales have shown that there was and is a mass market for a tablet PC. Now other manufacturers would dearly love to eat into Apple’s market share.

Apple’s grip on the tablet PC market stood at 62% in 2011. That’s apparently not quite enough for the world leader, and the launch of iPad3 in 2012 should see that figure creep up to 70%, already threatening to become a monopoly unless rivals can find a niche and build a loyal following.

There are different strategies to counter the market saturation of the iPad. Amazon’s Kindle tablets have shown one potentially profitable route, by concentrating on performing one function very well.

Amazon might be in a race against time to build up a massive global following for their ebook readers before Apple deign to swipe them with some killer new app for the iPad. Amazon’s significant advantage is that their book deals give them the same leverage that Apple’s iTunes software gave them in targeting music fans.

Android tablet PCs have their loyal adherents, but are eclipsed by iPads on functionality. Their business model in the near future may be as a low-cost, simplified alternative to the iPad.

Tablet PCs using the new Windows 8 operating system are expected to be available by the end of 2012. Microsoft’s record in challenging Apple in the field of desirable gadgetry is not too impressive, and Apple will have the advantage of a 30 month head start in the tablet PC market. Don’t expect the iPad’s supremacy to weaken any time soon.

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