Apple release OS update for iPhone 4 and iPad

Those of you who have shelled out for an iPhone 4, and who have been getting increasingly annoyed at the problems it’s been having with signal (a fairly basic part of the phone experience, no?) will be cheered to know that Apple have released an update to the OS in a bid to fix the problem.

Go and sync it now if you want to sort out the problem, but be warned, many who have already downloaded it have already said that it isn’t making much of a difference, with one user on Electirc Pig saying ‘Interesting this - I've installed the iOS4 update on my iPhone 4 and guess what - no real surprise here - without the bumper, my phone signal still plumets! come on Apple sort this out!’ Yes indeed Apple, pull your fingers out.

Meanwhile if you have an iPad there is also an iOS 3.2.1 out there for various little bugs that have been annoying users, but keep ‘em peeled for the Apple press conference, which is scheduled for 6pm local time and should be interesting, as long as it’s not a total cop out. Hopefully Jobs and gang go on a rampage, crushing anyone who dares offer any criticism of their precious hardware. Fingers crossed, eh?

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