Apple ordered to rewrite Samsung statement

Apple is beginning to seem more than a little sour in its squabble with Samsung. Its response to a court ruling telling it to be nice and say sorry to Samsung for saying they copied Apple’s designs has been as sulky and obtuse as an average teenager’s response to a request to tidy their room.

After Apple had sullenly said "all right then, we’ve done it," the UK court of appeal was less than impressed with the way the world’s most successful company had complied with their ruling. The Guardian reported that the grudging acknowledgement posted by Apple on their website was deemed non-compliant with the court's order.

As Apple muttered something along the lines of "It’s so unfair! Do we have to?", the court told the company to make the statement compliant with their instructions and to re-post it on the front page of its website within 48 hours, and not in a tiny point size or as a hidden link.

The unseemly squabble stems from Apple’s initial accusation that Samsung had copied elements of the iPad’s design. The UK court ordered Apple to issue the statement, but Apple muddied the waters by adding a whole lot of extra information referring to US cases that had gone against Samsung.

Apple’s lawyers suggested it would take a while to make the simple corrections, which seems strange coming from a company that boasts about the smoothness and speed of its hardware’s responsiveness.

Apple has also been dragging its heels about another element of the court ruling, the order to take out adverts making the same statement in the Financial Times, The Guardian, Daily Mail, T3 magazine and Mobile magazine. Although there has been substantial advertising for Apple’s latest product launches, it seems the company hasn’t quite got around to coming up with the right way to say "we got it wrong".

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