Apple offers trade-in deal on old iPhones

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Desperate to trade in your old iPhone for the latest model? First off, take a look at yourself. Are you really the cutting-edge techno-hipster of your imagination or just another sheep-like, drone consumer enslaved by Apple corps? Second, Apple will give you credit for trading in your old phone.

Observers of the mighty Apple will know that this latest move is unlikely to be inspired by altruism. Did someone in HQ say "Hey guys, we're exploiting our slavish, sorry, loyal, customers by making them buy our latest upgrades every year, let's give them something back." If that thought was ever uttered, that employee would have been clearing their desk within minutes.

Instead it's more likely that Apple wants to harvest all its slightly outdated iPhones in order to sell them all over again, probably to suckers in the Third World. Some devious Apple genius has a dream where the same phone can be sold three or four times during its lifetime to decreasingly demanding markets.

The deal is that anyone wanting to upgrade to the latest fetishistic Apple object of desire will get credit for trading in their old phone. It's an offer that should only appeal to the most loyal or lazy Apple fan, since there is already a healthy marketplace for old iPhones, ranging from the basic ebay through more specific market-places like BuyMyTronics and Gazelle.

From Apple's point of view those sites are a problem, in that it is feasible for customers to get a cash deal on an old iPhone and, horrors, spend the cash in a new Samsung. Apple's ideal scenario is that every buck ever spent on an iPhone should remain within Apple's grasp, forever and unto eternity. The trade-in offer is just the latest example of possibly the most blatant and brilliant marketing machine modern commerce has ever witnessed.

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