The Apple nano iPod

Originally released in 2005 as a two and four gigabyte MP3 player, the Apple nano iPod now ranges between eight and 16 gigabytes (as of 01.09.2011). The first iPod nano's were available in either black or white and between two and four gigabytes. The early reception and sales were both strong, with consumers particularly happy with the nano's small, lightweight construction combined with a reasonably high level of storage for MP3s.

Later Developments

As of September 2011, the iPod nano is now on its sixth generation. The main improvements that have occurred in the six years since its creation are a greater amount of memory — the current day range of nanos range between eight and 16 gigabytes — and the far wider range of colours.

Furthermore, the more recent generations of iPod nano are now compatible with a greater range of operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista and Mac 10.5.8.

Finally, while the original Apple nano iPod had a battery life of just 14 hours, the sixth generation model lasts up to a whole day, allowing music lovers to trust in their device to provide them tunes for an entire day.

Buying an iPod nano

iPod's are widely available in consumer electronics stores, whether online or on the high street. Visit the Apple.com/uk website to buy your nano from an official vendor, while most online electronics stores, such as Amazon.co.uk, Tesco.com and Argos.co.uk, stock Apple Nano iPods, for example. Music lovers wishing to get their nano right away can visit any high street electronics store, such as Currys or Dixons, and buy a device to take away on the day.

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