Apple mac computers, what are they all about?

Apple Mac computers pride themselves in being cutting edge and innovative. To a lot of regular folk they are just far to pricey considering the specifications. So why are they so pricey, what's really under the hood...

It's simple really, it's the cost of the pieces they use that justifies the prices. While standard PCs are made from cheaper parts, Apple have always spared no expense when it comes to building quality. Let's have a look at some pricing.

First off, one of the best pieces of hardware in a Mac are the solid state hard drives.  These are really top-notch as the possibility of them breaking is much less. This is down to the fact that they have no moving parts. A standard hard drive has a motor and it is problems with this that cause 90% of broken hard drives.

The fact that there is no need for a tower is a huge selling point. Basically they have manage to cram some serious tech into a slim monitor. This is great because there is no need for a huge tower taking up space in the office or home.

Apple Mac computers are also much more focused. This means that your really get everything out of your processor. There are much less background tasks hogging all the ram. This means that for music, art and website design these computers are top of the line.

All of these innovations come a price and to put a decent one together would cost close to £2,000. While they are great a PC can do everything as good as the Mac and cost a lot less. The only real difference is that you will have to tweak your PC for different tasks.

If you like to have a level of openness with the OS then you may want to think about a standard PC. Macs are majorly locked off! What you see is what you get with Mac OS there really is very little you can do in the way of customisation.

These machines are fantastic but they come with a hefty price tag. Be sure that the Mac is the right choice for you before committing to purchase.

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