Apple looks to develop solar powered iPhone and iPod

It looks as if iPods and iPhones could soon be solar powered. According to the New York Times, Apple has made a patent application for an integrated solar cell on portable devices. The innovative idea could see portable hand-held technology become 100% wireless with recharging via an electrical power-supply rendered obsolete.

While it is easier to generate solar power from large panels but Apple's patent puts forward the idea of making its trademark iPod and iPhone touch-sensitive interface a miniature solar panel. The news follows a recent trend in the world of mobile communications with Vodafone announcing plans for its development of solar powered phone-chargers back in April.

Both ideas sound like positive steps forward but there is one lingering doubt surrounding the projects. It's all well recharging your phone via solar power while sunning yourself on the French Riviera but what about when your living it large in Inverness, in December?

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