Thinking about an Apple laptop? Here's a few things to consider...

There are some real advantages to an Apple laptop but it all depends on what you need it for. They have three main types of laptops each with subtle differences.

1. The MacBook Air: This is the slimmest and most portable of the bunch. This really has a specific purpose and that is to be a webbook equivalant. It is mainly made to perform simple, processor light operations.

It is meant as a travelling laptop that is mainly for web surfing, listening to tunes and watching video. Everything is stored on internal flash memory so they have managed to make this machine paper thin. With a 5-7 hour life battery this is the perfect for life on the go.

2. The MacBook: Ah the MacBook, the good old middle of the road machine. This is your basic laptop. It is designed to suit everyday usage so this is probably the best of the bunch for most.

It has the ability to perform mid range operation with ease. This is a slick and speedy machine that makes everyday tasks a breeze. This machine is perfect for business and entertainment.

3. The MacBook Pro: This is the beast of the bunch. if you are looking for a machine with true HD performance this is your guy. Boasting i5 and i7 processors as well as AMD Radeon graphics this is truly top of the line.

This machine is much more suited to people that plan on putting the system under some strain. Of course the HD quality screen, video and graphics have their advantages!

There you have it, three of Apple's laptops explained, make the right choice!

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