Is it time to buy an Apple laptop?

Buying an Apple laptop is a big decision. It is like jumping into the unknown. Most of us are used to the standard Microsoft computers but Apple is quickly gaining market share within the laptop market and for a perfectly good reason.

The Apple Macbook is the beauty of all laptops. A Mac is designed to give you the best computer experience possible. With Apple making both the hardware and the software, everything integrates with each other perfectly. Apple prides itself on the simplicity of their machines. There are countless ways in which Apple laptop's are better at the things you do every day.

  • The Mac operating system OS X Snow Leopard ensures you have everything you need for email, browsing and sharing.
  • At just 1.08 inches thick and weighing only 2.13 kg, the Macbook is the world's sleekest laptop and its sturdy unibody design allows for it to slip easily into any backpack.
  • A major benefit is that the hardware and software work together as Apple makes all the products for the Macbook.
  • The Mac works with Windows and other Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • The Mac has built in Wifi technology.
  • Easily connects with all the other Apple products on the market such as iphone, ipad and ipods.
  • Powerful NVIDIA graphics supports the latest 3D games.
  • Boasts an incredible 7 hour battery life.


The Macbook is currently priced at slightly over £800 and is available from any Apple retailer or Apple store. For more information on the Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro or any other product in the Apple range, please visit their official website which can be found at apple.com/uk.


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