Apple juice

Apple just released a bunch of cool new stuff, including more powerful iMacs and a new trackpad. But the strangest new slice of kit... a battery charger!

Yes, a regular charger, for regular AA batteries. Like you could buy in Dixons. Or a service station.

Of course, this being Apple, it's 'premium' in all sorts of ways. It comes with six high-charge batteries which Apple reckons will last ten years (in our experience, you can divide those estimates in half, but that's still pretty impressive). And, according to Gizmodo, the charger has less 'vampire draw' - that is, it sucks up less power when you're not using it - than any in its class. And, of course, it's white and shiny and sexily utilitarian in design.

The catch? Well, this being Apple, it of course costs a ludicrous amount - £25. Don't all rush at once.

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