Apple iPod Nano: six generations of excellence

Currently it is only easy to get 4th, 5th and 6th generation versions of the Apple iPod Nano, and so these are the ones that this article will focus on.

The iPod Nano 4th generation is available in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB models, and to give you an indication of what that equates to, the 8GB model can hold roughly 2000 songs in 128-Kbps AAC format, or 8 hours of video. It features a 2 inch 320 by 240 resolution screen, with an LED backlight. It comes in a variety of different colours, has physical controls rather than a touch screen, and includes an accelerometer which allows you to play games on it. You can also use it to store and view photos.

The 5th generation iPod Nano has a similar appearance and features, but additionally includes an FM radio, a video camera and a slightly larger 2.22 inch screen. It also has a glossier finish than the 4th generation.

The 6th and current generation of the iPod Nano is a complete redesign, with a square rather than rectangular shape and a touch screen. In many ways however it is a step back from the 5th generation, with a smaller screen, no video camera or even the ability to play videos and no games. It has a similar price tag to the 5th generation and is arguably more attractive, so the one to buy comes down to whether you value form or function more.

If all you want is a music player, then the 4th generation is probably the best option, as most of the features it lacks are either aesthetic or peripheral to the core music playing experience. If you want a more feature packed model then go for the 5th generation and if you like owning the sleekest, most attractive gadgets around then choose the 6th generation model. All of these models are available from amazon.co.uk at competitive prices.

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