Apple iPod conference September 2009

Once again rumours were rife about what new additions and tweaks there would to the iPod prior to the annual Apple conference in San Francisco yesterday; but it was Steve Jobs and his iPod Nano who stole all the glory.

There was no sign of the much-talked about but elusive Apple Tablet (think large iPod Touch,) or the iPhone Nano (think small iPhone.) Instead Steve Jobs, the magician at the centre of Apple’s core, used his first public appearance since his liver-transplant and diagnosis with cancer last year to unveil a “sexier” iPod Nano.

Now complete with a video & stills camera, inbuilt speaker, pedomitor (for fitness bods) and an FM Radio that has a ‘live pause’ feature enabling its user to pause live radio and fast forward the crappy adverts, (yes, pigs do fly.)

The iPod Touch (now) 3rd Generation, doesn’t get a camera as expected, but is instead upgraded to a whopping 64GB of storage and is quicker than its previous models, allegedly.

No iPhone Nano but a new software update for current iPhone & iPod Touch users, firmware 3.1, which includes the standard bug fixes, speed increase and Genius Mixes (an extension Genius).

The iPod Classic is still with us, still with no camera, but now available with a capacity of 160GB.

The Shuffle has been fiddled with, and comes in a variety of lurverly colours and voiceovers that tell you which song is playing.

Bigger news came with the announcement of an iTunes update, iTunes 9. Selected albums will come in the Album LP format which includes; videos, artwork, artists notes and exclusive extras. Blu-Ray is also now supported, iPods & iPhones sync quicker and the general feel of the store is larger and “cleaner”.

Apart from those 'major' announcements, the conference dubbed ‘It’s Only Rock and Rock’ was seen by those in the industry as a bit of a let down - more about Steve Jobs than any new Apple products.

The new iPods and iTunes 9 are available now.

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