Apple iPhone 4 price dropping!

So, the Apple iPhone 4 price will take a hit by the end of the month. There is a lot of speculation around the internet about home much of a drop the phone will take. Going by Apple's past price drops, we think it won't be a huge amount.

But speculate as they will, all types of prices are floating around the web. Huge drops to tiny drops and everything in between. Realistically though the Apple Iphone price is not worth speculating about, until Steve Jobs decides.

All of this news seems to centre around the fact that Apple really don't have a low-end iPhone. Everybody wants one but expecting people to shell out half a grand for a phone might be too much to ask from consumers.

The numbers don't lie, Apple are making a mint off the iPhone 4 but the problem is in the other areas of the market. With Microsoft and Google offering pretty decent cheaper alternatives, Apple just can't corner these sales.

This price drop is to encourage more people to jump on the Apple ship, meanwhile there are rumors that they are making a new generation of smartphones that will offer a low cost for some seriously good technology.

It seems like Apple are finally getting rocked up there on their high horse. The price drop plan is a great idea but they will need some really good products if they want to choke the market again.

Apple always have one more trick up their sleeves so expect to see something big toward the end of June this year...

 (photo © Flickr)

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