Apple iPhone 5 headline features

There have been a lot of rumours going round over the last year about what the new Apple iPhone 5 would deliver. Now we know for sure what the new Apple iPhone 5 offers after Apple released details of the phone in its first launch of the device in San Francisco, USA. We highlight headline features the 4G-enabled handset offers to help you make a decision whether to upgrade to the new Apple iPhone.

Thinner, taller retina display

It was largely expected that the iPhone 5 would feature a stylish, redesigned display and it did not disappoint. The iPhone 5 features an expanded Retina Display that moves from 3.5 inches for the iPhone 4S to 4 inches. This means users have a fifth icons row on the home screen, which lets you cut down on the number of home screens. The NSwide screen also means that movies will look better on the phone.

Weighing at just 3.95 ounces, the iPhone 5 is 20 per cent lighter than the iPhone 4S. Additionally, at 0.30 inches thick compared to 0.37 inches on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 is an impressive 18 percent thinner. Apple proudly states that the iPhone 5 is the “thinnest handset around”.

Faster A6 chip

Apple iPhone 5 comes with an enhanced A6 chip that is two times faster than the A5 chip used in the iPhone 4S. Graphics and CPU performances are super-fast with the new chip. Despite enhanced graphics and CPU performances, the A6 chip is impressively 22 percent smaller than the A5. Apple says the new chip allows the music app with songs to load 1.9 times faster and web pages to load 2.1 times faster.

4G LTE network support

The iPhone 5 supports 4G LTE networks in addition to GPRS, EV-DO, HSPA and GPRS data networks. The LTE network support has a single radio chip, voice and data chip and a "dynamic antenna" that switches between different network connections automatically.

In the UK, Apple announced its latest iPhone model will work on EE’s 4G network and you could almost hear the cheers from EE’s headquarters. The announcement gives EE a head-start on UK’s 4G network services and a distinctive advantage over network rivals like Vodafone and O2 that will not launch their 4G data services until 2013 due to limited bandwidth spectrum holdings.

Market assessment

Android users will feel justified to say that Apple is playing catch-up with the iPhone 5 because best-selling android phones like Samsung's Galaxy S3 have had many of the features the iPhone 5 presents like ability to shoot a panorama for years. That said, however, it will be difficult to stop the iPhone5 being a hit with millions of existing iPhone users.

Perhaps the single most important feature that will make many mobile phone enthusiasts in the market want to upgrade or switch to the new Apple iPhone 5 is LTE network support with good battery life. Apple promises users 8 hours LTE browsing and 8 hours 3G talk time on the iPhone 5.

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