Best place to find the Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB on sale

As those of you who like to keep up to date with the latest developments in the phone world will no doubt be aware, phone technology becomes obsolete at an astonishingly fast rate these days. No sooner have you left the shop with your brand new smartphone than you're reading that its successor is already on the way.

While this doesn't seem to bother some people who want to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve by constantly updating their phone to the latest technology, it does prove to be a little disappointing to those of us who can only afford to upgrade once every couple of years.

Apple's iPhone range has been shattering all kinds of sales records since it was launched back in 2007, and has continually proven to be the market leader in both reliability and technology. However since 2009's iPhone 3GS the upgrades have provided us with little reason to fork out for a brand new phone.

While the iPhone 4 launched to a fevered reception from the public, it actually offered very little that the previous model did not (aside, perhaps, from the fact that if you held it a certain way you could magically cut off reception!). Despite this fact, the iPhone 4 went on to be a huge seller, lowering prices for the Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB in the process.

This is good news for anyone seeking to pick up a bargain today. Given that the 3GS model offers much the same experiences as the iPhone 4, the savings available represent huge value for the shrewd buyer.

Countless phone retailers are now seeking to offload any existing stock they have in the 3GS model in anticipation of the release of the iPhone 5 this September, so it is worth checking out the deals on offer from your local retailer.

If you're interested in shopping online for your new phone however, by far the best place to pick up an Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB at sale prices is eBay. The online auction site has a huge number of new and pre-owned handsets for a fraction of the price you'll find anywhere else. And it you pay using PayPal you'll be insured against inaccurate listings, damaged items or non-delivery of your product!

So what are you waiting for? Go snag yourself a bargain right now!

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