The Apple ipad, tablet computers - What can they do?

There is so much new technology being developed on what feels like a daily basis that a lot of people have been left behind and don't understand what Apple ipad tablet computers do. An iPad could be seen as a gadget half way between a smart phone and a laptop. It will not replace your laptop but has the power to generate a new set of needs on its own.

An iPad is a portable media player, an e-book reader, a web browser, it will become a part of your life and you will wonder how you have lived your whole life without it!! Just some of the features of this wonderful new product are:

  • GPS System
  • Professional presentations
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Plays video
  • Has USB connections
  • Play video games such as EA sports
  • mp3 compatible
  • Touchscreen typing
  • Reads PDF files
  • Calendars and clocks
  • Virus Free
  • Full internet access
  • Call friends and family with Skype
  • Link with other PC's

As with all Apple products, the iPad will work extremely well with other Apple products such as the iPhone or an iPod.

So now you realise that you want an iPad so where do you go? Or how much will one cost?

The Apple ipad 2 is the fastest, most recent version and is twice as fast as its predecessor thanks to its Dual A5 chip. Also with two cameras, you can take pictures from the front or the back. This generation of ipad starts at a very reasonable £399 on the Apple online shop. For more information or to purchase an ipad please visit Apple.com/uk/ipad.

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