The Apple iPad VS Apple Laptops

The line between tablet-form of the iPad and laptop is narrowing and at the top of both games is Apple, the little Cupertino company that could. With the announcement of the new MacBook Air (apple laptops) last Autumn and the recent unveiling of the iPad 2, Steve and the gang have made it very clear that portable computing is the future and a future they believe Apple can lead the way in.

The Apple iPad comes in two basic models. There is the 3G version, which allows a Sim card to be put in for data access and the standard WIFI version which does not have the sim tray. Both versions are available in either 16, 32 or 64GB so there is plenty of choice out there to find the perfect fit for your needs. The iOS software is a dream to use and the tablet responds better then you would ever expect - it really is something you have to see in action to believe.

Despite having beautiful software the apple ipad can seem a bit clunky in your hands and after about 40 minutes of use it really begins to take its toll as its weight begins to show.

Alternatively the Apple MacBook Air is not built to be held in one hand it is a standard laptop but with the added bonus of being super slim. This thing is almost razor sharp it's so skinny. Do not let the size fool you though because it is a tough cookie designed with a hard aluminium unibody. The MacBook Air can handle the rigours any everyday laptop has to these days.

The MacBook Air (Apple Laptops) comes in either 64 or 128 GB models. Although I do enjoy the OSX experience, I wish Apple would do a bit more to make the experience more fluid. Despite the hardware being absolutely beautiful, the software lets the Air down a bit.

So in the end I found out I was a tablet guy and prefer the fluid experience that only iOS can provide. However, both products are absolutely beautiful and in the end both the Apple iPad and Apple laptops serve different purposes. For example, I would not write this on my iPad! If I am entirely honest I love both the Apple iPad and Apple laptops.

(photo © flickr)

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