Apple iPad 16gb: The end for laptops and netbooks?

The netbook computer has gotten stale. With very little deviation in design from one manufacturer to the next, Apple took it upon themselves to release the iPad 16gb, an innovative piece of technology which radically alters the way we interact with technology. This portable computing device improves upon every useable function we enjoy in laptops and netbooks.

The main difference between the average netbook, laptops and the iPad 16GB are that the Apple tablet provides a multimedia experience rather than just running extremely basic applications. The iPad 16GB allows, through a multi-touch interface, access to music, movies and web browsing. You can also access office applications.

Apple iPad 16gb laptops and netbooks offer a flawless user experience, as its processor is uniquely tailored for the iPad's iOS operating system. Apple's almost endless list of applications runs effectively along with HD movie technology. The iPad 16GB leaves the iPhone behind and challenges netbooks and laptops with its 1024x768 resolution screen, and multi-touch technology. Here, Apple has turned web browsing into a fully interactive experience.

The iPad 16GB offers up to 10-hours battery life and uses WIFI and Bluetooth technology. It boasts an e-reader as a multimedia feature. This tool, along with its incredible portability, light weight and shape allows the iPad 16GB to be used as a mobile e-reader.

The iPad 16GB has essentially consolidated netbooks and laptops, iPod and gaming devices into a single highly useable gadget. Its portability along with its high quality visuals and audio output makes it the most all-rounded multimedia device ever made.

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