Apple iOS 8 features

The new Apple iOS 8 release features important bug fixes and updates which you will find useful to make it easy to work or play. Although Apple is still testing it before it is officially released, there are already sneak previews of what the upgrades will include. Let us take a look at some of these improvements.

What's new

Some of the new Apple iOS 8 features include the following:

  • Extensibility

With extensibility, your device will be enabled for widgets, third party and Safari extensions.

  • Third-party widgets

There are several apps and widgets you will surely enjoy. You will now have instant access to apps based on your location. For example, if you are in a restaurant, the establishment’s icon will appear on your device. Even if you don’t have the app, you can get easy access to the app store where you can download it.

  • Touch ID support for apps

Apple products are already secure, but the touch ID makes it safer and more attractive to users.

  • Health Kit

What could be more important than your health? With the Health Kit, your iPhone or iPad monitors your bio statistics and will integrate fitness and health data. Star TrekTricorder is the app to watch.

  • iCloud Drive

With the iCloud Drive, you can have lots of flexibility to work with your files and documents. In addition, you can store all your documents safely on the cloud and access them anywhere.

  • Custom keyboards

Similar to what is possible on Android devices, you will be able to install several multi-party keyboards for all your needs.

Release date

Apple iOS 8 release date is not yet definite. There are many rumours circulating as to its target launch date. Many are waiting excitedly for the new Apple iOS 8 release which features important upgrades. According to techie magazines, it will likely be released in September on the same date that iPhone 6 will be made available.

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