The All New Apple iOS 7

The new iPhone 5s will ship with Apple iOS 7 and the new operating system has a lot of people very excited. Apple have completely reimagined their mobile operating system for the first time since the original iPhone hit the market. Lets examine in detail what makes the iOS 7 special.

New Crisp Design

The Phone 5s has a brand new processor, the A7 chip, that utilises 64 bit architecture. The A7 chip is built for maximum speed and so the Apple iOS 7 operating system was created especially with the iPhone 5s in mind. Worry not though, iOS 7 is also available on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 if you are not looking to upgrade to the 5s handset.

Although iOS 7 has been totally redesigned, it still (importantly) retains that familiar iOS feel when you are using your iPhone or iPad. One impressive new feature is Control Centre. From here you can control all your app settings, network setting and security settings in a very easy to manage way and the best part is you can access Control Centre with just one swipe.

You can also experience some real improvements on great apps such as iMovie, Numbers, Pages, iMovie, Calendar, Keynote and Mail on iOS 7. On top of this, the Notification Centre has been redesigned to offer you more information relevant to now. There is a nifty feature called Today that summarises nicely all that has happened on your phone in the previous 24 hours. iOS also introduces AirDrop wherby you can share something with someone in the same room as you with just the touch of a button via automatically enabled bluetooth or wifi.

Great for Multitasking

Apple iOS 7 is fantastic for multitasking. You can swipe through your open apps and get a real time view of them on the screen side by side. iOS 7 also allows you to schedule when certain apps should be updated and iOS 7 even launches certain apps at the times you usually use them so that they are ready to go when you are.

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