Apple cuts prices and gets sued

Some gadget freaks were very annoyed recently when Apple -- or as far as they were concerned Steve Jobs IN PERSON -- cut the price of the iPhone by $200 in an attempt to "take it mainstream" earlier than planned. It now costs "just" $399 which, to be fair, is less than the Nokia N90 costs in the States.

Apple quickly apologised to the poor dears and offered them an Apple store credit as compensation: but this wasn't enough for one New Yorker, Dongmei Li, who has filed a $1m lawsuit against Apple - plus punitive damages on top of that.

In her suit, Li claims that "Apple's discrimination in price between early and later purchasers substantially caused the early purchasers to be injured because early purchasers cannot resell their iPhones for the same profit as later purchasers."

We're sure that this is all in the interest of keeping Apple honest, and nothing at all to do with the fact that Li queued "for hours" to buy an iPhone, three days after it went on sale, and is just incredibly narked that people who didn't ABSOLUTELY have to be first made her look a little foolish. We're all rooting for her. Honestly.

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