Apple crushes

It seems that Apple have won another battle against geeky renegades looking to make the iPhone a more open device for the likes of us, the people Apple should be making things easier for. Bah.

iPhone Dev Team, who made the first jailbreak for the iPhone 4 weeks after it was released, have said that they won’t be updating their jailbreak after Apple closed the route in the system for it to work with a firmware update. They say they can’t be bothered with the ‘cat and mouse’ game with the evil tech overlords. Booooooo.

‘Apple has closed the jailbreakme.com hole,’ they said on their website. ‘They’re shipping devices with FW 4.0.2/3.2.2, impervious to this particular jailbreak. So now, people will begin to ask: will there be a jailbreak for devices that shipped with 4.0.2/3.2.2, out of the box?

‘No, there won’t be. FW 4.0.2/3.2.2 was *only* released to fix the jailbreakme hole. With FW 4.1 still in its beta stages, it makes no sense to escalate the ‘cat & mouse’ with Apple for FW updates that only fix the jailbreak holes. To quote WOPR, ‘the only winning move is not to play’.

‘If the cat & mouse game escalates too quickly, especially during beta FW periods, nobody but Apple benefits. For this reason, there won't be a 4.0.2/3.2.2 jailbreak specifically during the period where 4.0.2/3.2.2 is the latest public release.’

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