Apple crumble?

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. For tech journalists like us that's all we ever seem to hear. And Apple's world-changing smartphone is, for sure, a phenomenon. But sometimes it's good to take a step back and remember it's still not the number one phone system.

According to the latest figures on the use of the various smartphone operating systems, Android is in the lead, with 45% of the market. Next, interestingly, is BlackBerry with 22%. Apple have 18%. That's still very impressive, considering the iPhone has been around four years - to the BlackBerry's 12 - and is only made by one manufacturer, unlike the hundreds churning out Android handsets.

What's more, as CNET points out, 'market share shows how big the slice of the phone cake is, and not how many phones each outfit is actually selling. As the smart phone market is expanding Apple could still be selling more phones than last year -- but these figures suggest it's just not grabbing the hearts and minds of potential new customers as much as Android.'

Indeed, the figures state that 74% of new Android owners haven't owned a smartphone before, proving it's not just the iPhone that can appeal to non-techies.

This legacy effect in the figures also probably explains how well BlackBerry still seems to be doing, despite sales falling off recently.

Of course, the iPhone 5 could change everything...

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