The Apple 32gb ipod Touch 3rd gen

The Apple 32gb ipod Touch 3rd gen is an incredible piece of tech. People have been raving about this great device since September 2009. Even though there has been a newer model and some pretty funky Nano's to have hit the market, it's seems to be increasingly difficult to pry these from people's hands.

It really all comes down to the fact that Apple nailed it on the head with this version. It's slick design and 'simmer than iPhone' body was an instant draw to those who want everything good about the iPhone without all that extra weight. They also added a pretty cool chrome style backing to the device.

It appeared on the market in three forms. The 8gb, the 32gb and the 64gb. The reason that people have really fallen in love with the 32gb model comes down to pricing. While the 64gig model would be nice to own it was an extra hundred pounds and people just weren't will to go so high for a little extra space.

At the time it had added voice control, open GL graphics, a beautiful glass covered screen and basically every cool function that an iPhone has. The music player and video playback were fantastic and internet surfing work very smoothly thanks to processor upgrade.

A lot of people do not need the phone capabilities that the iPhone adds so they stick to their iPod Touch. The 3rd Generation version is still hugely popular and it is obvious why, Apple got it right.

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