App that tries to help you keep your New Year's resolution

Keeping your New Year’s resolution for longer than a month or so can be practically impossible, particularly if you find that it wasn’t very practical to make a spare of the moment decision like deciding to quit smoking or to lose weight. You might find after a very short time that you need some help to keep your good intentions heading in the right direction.

“New Year's resolutions are difficult to keep because they're about behaviour change,” David-Michel Davies of Webby Awards said. His firm award excellence on the web so he’s pretty well placed to review this new app that allows you to keep track of the progress you’re making with your New Year’s resolution. “Because mobile apps are with you all the time, they're something that can keep you on track minute-to-minute and hour-to-hour.”

If you’re trying to improve your health, there’s a fitness tracker app like MotionX – 24/7 for iPhone. It’s an application that tracks your steps taken, calories burnt up and your heart rate. “It brings together a bunch of different features found in popular fitness trackers and pulls them all into one app," Davies said.

Users get activity goals to achieve and reminders throughout the day to spur them into action if they’re getting a bit idle. The app’s available across the world and costs less than £1. You could also try out Argus, which is free on iPhone and Moves, which is available for iPhone and Android phones.

Staying healthy is partly about keeping hydrated but it’s easy when you have a very busy lifestyle to forget to take on enough fluids. On iPhone there’s a free app called Ounces which gives you water intake goals. It can be used to track how often you drink so it can remind you to take another glass of water when the time’s right.

Using an app to make sure you keep to your goals is a pretty good way to make sure you don’t obsess about your New Year’s resolution. If it’s always on your mind it’ll be harder to achieve.

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