Anything you can do...

Last week we told you that Amazon's Kindle, its highly-acclaimed e-book reader, had sold over 8 million units this year. In fact, Amazon said the latest incarnation of the Kindle was its best-selling product of all time.

Well, two can play at that game. The oft-forgotten second fiddle in the US e-reader market is another bookseller, Barnes & Noble. Its Nook comes in three flavours - wi-fi, 3G and, in a one-up on Amazon, a new colour model.

Barnes & Noble has the advantage of real, bricks-and-mortar stores to sell its devices in, unlike Amazon. But no-one's really been sure how well Nook is doing, as Amazon gets all the headlines.

Well, B&N want that to change. They've responded to Amazon's news release with one of their own, pointing out that the Nook lineup is their biggest bestseller in their history. This is a bit of a cheat, as they're talking about all three Nook models rather than just one, like Amazon were. But they also said that the new Nook Colour was their 'number one gift of the holiday season' (hmm) and that one million 'Nook Books' were bought on Christmas Day.

What they didn't tell us is when the Nook might be available over here, which is a shame, as the Nook Colour makes a decent little Android tablet with a bit of hacking...

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