Securing Your Phone and Antivirus Software for iPhone and Blackberry

Although mobile devices are notoriously secure compared to computers because of the operating system they run, more and more hackers are finding ways to execute malicious software onto mobile devices and steal data. So, here are a few ways you can keep your mobile device secure in general, and antivirus software for iPhone and Blackberry in case you download malware.

Set a Password

Although it may sound simple, this is a key step in securing your mobile device. Taking this first simple step will discourage people from stealing your phone in the first place if they realise it's protected by a password - just make sure your password is strong.

Antivirus Software for iPhone and Blackberry

Although the cases of malicious software on mobile devices have been disputed, more users are downloading apps without checking certificates and allowing permissions. It's easy to install an App and keep clicking 'next' and before you know it you've downloaded an unwanted additional malware with access to all your personal information. To avoid this, try the following software, recommended specifically for iPhone and Blackberry:

  • - Norton Anti Virus, specifically for mobile phones, with some of the best features available on the market to keep your device secure.
  • - AVG, complete with a feature to locate stolen devices and remotely wipe data if your mobile is lost or stolen.
  • - F-Secure, provided free or monthly subscription for Windows, Android, and Symbian based devices.
  • - Lookout Mobile Security, free version contains scans, removal of infected files and protection and monthly subscription allows users to remotely wipe their device should it become lost.

Remote Wipe

Look out for software that allows you to remotely wipe your device. If your iPhone or Blackberry contains sensitive information and is lost or stolen, you can use the remote wipe software to delete all your information or, in the case of some softwares, disable and lock your phone entirely so it cannot be used. Lookout, F-Secure and AVG include this feature in their antivirus software.

Download Trusted Apps

Alongside having antivirus software for your iPhone and Blackberry, installing trusted apps is the best way to keep your device safe and secure. It may be a good idea to jailbreak your phone, but once you start using apps outside of the trusted zone, your chances of installling something malicious dramatically increases. If your phone is given to you by work and used for work, don't download any untrusted apps incase you breach contract or lose valuable work-based information.

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