Antivirus Software for iPad and Tablets: Hype or Reality?

There's been a little bit of controversy over antivirus software for iPad and tablets. Whilst most antivirus companies are adament you need protection, computer-savvy individuals have dismissed this as company hype to convince customers to buy protection they don't really need. To make an informed decision on antivirus software for your tablets and iPads, you first need to understand how the systems work.

Androids and Apple Systems

If you're using an Android mobile or tablet, you're operating system will be run on Linux. For the iPad, you'll be running on Apple's signature system. None of these devices run a Windows operating system - unless you have a specific Windows tablet.

The reason this is important is because Linux and Apple operating systems have been notoriously hard to infect. Windows uses a system that makes it easy for programmes to gain root access, which is how most malicious software performs its actions. With Linux and Apple systems, apps are 'sandboxed' from each other - the only way they can gain root access is when they're given permission by the user and it's unlikely they can affect other parts of the system.

Should I Install Antivirus Software?

Although companies have suggested thousands of cases of infected mobile devices and tablets, there have only been several reported cases - and currently only one case where the user was completely unaware of malicious software on their phone.

However, some hackers have taken advantage of the Android and Apple market by pulling legitimate apps, implanting a malware code and posting the apps back online, which are then downloaded and permissions are given for use by the user. because of this, Google has pulled thousands of malicious apps off the market.

The real concern is the growing number of users on Android and Apple, with hackers targeting programmes like Adobe Reader, Flash and common apps.

So, if you're really concerned about your security, install antivirus software for your iPad and tablets. You should especially think of installing if you're not too familiar with how your system works and generally give permission to any app you download without prior checks.

Top Virus Softwares

If you're going to install antivirus software for your iPad and tablets, don't go to the first vendor who spouts statistics about dangerous malware apps and tries to frighten their customers into buying expensive security where it isn't nescessary. Instead, try these cheaper, approved and recommended companies:

Kaspersky Tablet Security - Around £12, optimized for mobiles, also allows blocking of unwanted phonecalls and text messages as a plus.

Avast! Mobile Security - Free and an excellent performer for PCs, packed with anti-theft tools for phones with sim cards and scheduled updates.

Norton Mobile Security - One of the best apps for mobile security, with a special 'sneak peak' feature to allow your phone to snap a photo of whoever has stolen your device. You can also remotely lock and disable stolen devices. With a retail of around £20 for annum, this is perfect for anyone who's concerned about theft or has a particularly vulnerable device, such as one that's been previously infected, runs a Windows operating system or is used by more than one person.

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