Stay Secure with Antivirus Software for your Android Device

In this day and age, viruses, malware and trojan horses have become part of the technology game and at the end of the day it is up to every individual to ensure thet they sufficiently protect themselves. We will look at the best options for antivirus software on Android devices and hopefully you can find a solution that suits you.

Plenty of Choice

With the advent of the Android operating system it was always inevitable that viruses would play their part in end users Android experiences. Fortunately, there are plenty of antivirus software options for Android available in the Google Play store so you could have yourself fully protected by the time you finish this article.

It really is a buyers market when it comes to antivirus apps for Android. AVG, Avast, F-Secure, Comodo, Sophos, McAfee and Zoner all offer high performance antivirus software for free on both mobile and tablet devices. The best thing you can do is try each of these apps to see which one works best on your device in terms of battery performance and system performance. When you find a suitable app then it is important to keep it updated at all times.

You need to be very careful, however, to verify that the antivirus software you download for your Android device is actually the product you intended to download and install. Recently there was a high profile app detected that impersonated the Avast antivirus app. Users downloaded the fake version and it ended up creating more trouble for the unsuspecting users. Check and recheck the number of downloads, the ratings and the company that developed the app before downloading to verify an app is from a reputable company.

Our Top Picks

Our two recommendations for your antivirus software for Android have to be the Kaspersky Mobile Security app and the Bitdefender Mobile Security Antivirus app. These two will give you the most peace of mind and the Bitdefender one is completely free while Kapersky offer a free and a paid version to decide between.

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