Tips on Buying an Antique Clock

An antique clock is something that many people are considering and there are a variety of places that you can get one from. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider when it comes to shopping for one.

Are There Mechanical Problems?

An antique clock is not just something that you want to look at; it is also something that is practical and useable. However, you do need to make sure that the mechanics are fully working. An antique dealer does not need to disclose any problems unless you specifically ask – so make sure that you do.

Has There Been Any Restoration Work?

This is very important to question and does not just involve the mechanical problems. You will need to ask about the wood work or the glass work on the clock. Find out the details of any restorations that have been made and whether there are any other damages. This will cause the value of the antique clock to decrease considerably.

Find Out the Details of the Clock

You need to know as much about the clock as possible before you buy. Find out when it was made and where it was produced. This will affect the valuation of the clock considerable. It will also affect the style of the clock and any detail that is included. Take some time to find out about the true value of the antique clock before you commit to buying it from a dealer – you may find that it has been overpriced in the store.

Where to Buy an Antique Clock

There are a variety of places that will offer antique clocks and the first that many jump to is eBay.com. This is a popular option due to the low prices but you do need to do your research. It is very important to find out as much as you can about the items and the seller so you really get your money’s worth.Another option is to go directly to an antique dealer. This is often your safest bet, since you will be able to see and handle the items and also ask any questions that you have. The Antique Shop is available online and offers a wide selection of items. The Carved Walnut Clock Set, which was made around 1890, is available for £1,450 when checked in September 2011.

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