Another sexy Android tablet - with a twist

Tablet PCs, eh? We don't know about you, but we're starting to find it all a bit confusing. There's the iPad, that we get. But you need a PC or Mac to plug it into, really. There have been Windows tablets for years, but they've never worked well because the software isn't designed with a touch-screen PC in mind. Then there are Android tablets, which look like they're going to work really well, but like the iPad will really need to be paired with a regular computer to be useful.

How to get the ease-of-use of a mobile operating system with the power of Windows?

Now Lenovo - the Chinese company that bought IBM's PC business a few years back - reckon they have the answer with their super-nifty new LePad hybrid. It's an Android tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. But plug it into the special keyboard case, and it becomes a fully-functioning laptop - complete with Windows 7.

We reckon this could be the ultimate computer for lots of people, though we're sure it won't be cheap. There's just one problem - so far it's only slated for release in China. Come on, Lenovo! Give us westerners a treat!

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