Another sci-fi dream comes true

See that gentle-looking kid over there?


OK, maybe 'cyborg' is a bit strong. 18-year old American Michael Waldron is merely the owner of a shiny new bionic hand.

Waldron was born with a congenital malformation, which is posh-speak for 'he has no fingers on his right hand, just a thumb.' As the morning TV item about him this week showed, he's made a pretty good job of adapting over the years, playing lacrosse and the double bass. 'I use a lot of rubber bands, duct tape, and a coat hanger,' he explains, bafflingly.

But now, everything's changed! Some nice doctors came along and supplied Michael with an awesome new bionic hand. It's removable, so the fitting wasn't quite the Revenge of the Sith-like melding of man and machine our sci-fi fantasies cried out for. But still, it looks pretty good and has four independently moving fingers.

Still, we doubt Michael will be acing any touch-typing exams soon.

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