Another phone line bites the dust

We don't know if it's the economy, or the effect of the iPhone 4 launch, but yesterday seems to have been a bad day for older or less fancy mobile lines. First Microsoft effectively killed off the Kin line it introduced just six weeks ago; now T-Mobile is cancelling the Sidekick, the once-beloved line of text message-focused phones.

The Sidekick was famous once for being the phone of choice for a slew of vacuous US celebrities, who messaged each other things like 'OMG! I got totally papped outside, why did I wear underwear?'

Paris Hilton infamously had hers hacked, meaning the phone numbers and email addresses of hundreds of US slebs were posted online.

At its time, it was an impressive phone, but that was a long time ago, so no-one's surprised at T-Mobile's decision. Interestingly, both the Sidekick and the Kin are based on the same company's software - a company called Danger who was bought by Microsoft a few months ago.

All the signs are that, apart from the cheapest 'dumbphones', manufacturer-designed software for phones is going the way of the dodo. Chances are your next phone will run iOS, Android or the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series.

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