Another music download store launches

As another day on Planet Earth passes before our very eyes, another digital download store is set to launch. This one comes from I-wish-we-had-some-foresight-when-naming-our-telecoms-company, the Carphone Warehouse and has an ever so slightly intriguing model.

Music Anywhere has the sleek ability to scan your entire digital music collection and then put it in a virtual cloud. This means users don't have to stockpile their mp3s on their iPod (other generic mp3 players are available, we hear), but can stream them anywhere they go, either via the iPhone/Android apps over 3G or Wi-Fi.

As well as being able to stream your entire catalogue on the move, users will have access to Music Anywhere’s substantial library of tunes. The one drawback? The price - nothing short of £29.99 a year will get you an account. Oh dear!

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