Another iPhone 4G spotted in the wild

Forget the iPad *yawns*, it’s all about the upcoming iPhone 4th Generation. Since gadget website Gizmodo got their mitts on a lost & found prototype last month geeks the world over have been licking their lips in eager anticipation of the new Apple phone.

From Gizmodo’s run through of the iPhone 4G we’ve learnt that it will have a slightly new design, higher pixelated multi-touch screen, a front facing camera and an improved rear facing camera – hinting towards the device being called the iPhone HD. We won’t know for sure what the new features on the iPhone will be until it's unveiled at the Apple Keynote in San Francisco in June, but before then news has broken that another prototype has been found in the wild.

Vietnamese web forum Taoviet have released fresh photos of their new toy and a couple of minor things differ between theirs and Gizmodo’s. Firstly, they managed to have a peak inside to confirm that the iPhone HD will feature the Apple A4 processor as used in the iPad (basically it's super quick) and it’ll be available with 16GB of storage.

It’s thought that the iPhone found its way to Vietnam after an Asian business man bought it on the black market whilst on a recent trip to the U.S. WE! WANT! ONE!

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