Animals and insects to be used as spies

The next time you swot that pesky fly that's been buzzing around the office you may have just killed the insect world's answer to Daniel Craig. New Scientist reports that boffins have been developing 007 style animals and insects as they try to create the latest super spies.

Never ones to miss the boat, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been focusing on insects such as moths and beetles. It seems that rats and mice are just too damn big to spy.

How is this all possible? Well, as Jennifer Aniston would say, now for the science bit. The egg heads over at DARPA have been inserting miniature brain probes into unsuspecting baby insects. These high-tech houseflys are then fitted out with cameras and microphones.

The science weekly also reports that, "Researchers have already developed remote control systems for rats, pigeons and even sharks." So it looks like the Christmas toy market is going to be spiced up in the next few years!

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